Baby K’tan Carrier Review (with a newborn)

Here’s a link to the carrier used: For a more detailed review of the Baby K’tan carrier, see our blog: I must have had the wrap inside out because I think the label should be on the inside.


iMai E says:

I went for a walk today with my newborn today. I had him in this carrier and I loved it. Your video gave me a last minute instruction of how to carry him in it. Thanks for sharing.

shannonfbc1 says:

great review though 🙂

julia L says:

Thank you for the review… I just bought mine but I bought a medium which I think is a bit big. Im a medium in a shirt size I should of got a small. They should be more specific on there sizes.

Rebekah A says:

1. You shouldnt leave a baby on the couch.
2. You have to use the sash part of the carrier too not just the two loops.

Stacy Bridgeford says:

This carry is dangerous! She didn’t put anything between the baby’s legs. It can fall right out the bottom. I’m so confused.

Cara Gouldey says:

This was so much more helpful than the K’tan site video, thanks!! I was between sizes and bought the smaller size, which I would recommend for a more secure fit. 

Stacy Bridgeford says:

Wrapping the baby with its legs inside like this seems so unsafe. Since there’s nothing between its legs, it could potentially fall right out the bottom!

Sasset says:

It looks really easy and comfortable for mom but it kind of looks like the baby’s legs have nowhere to go but left . So instead of having even support on the baby’s legs on both sides they just go one way

Jessica Renee' says:

omg. thank you so much. I was so lost, and all the other ways i could think of, just didn’t make sense, ty so much!

Ping Pong says:

THank you Positively Mommy

Anna Yorty says:

Is this hold safe for back development? Really scared to mess up my baby’s back ( 1 month old)… Heard so many different opinions!

shannonfbc1 says:

there is a seperate peice to it you tie around after to further support the baby 

Yvette Gatewood says:

? why the advestisement of a Black woman is without a man????????????????????????????????????????

Life of the Pai's says:

The baby looks uncomfortable especially his legs?

njsah88 says:

Poor baby

iFoxyMamii says:

Is the baby alone on couch while she is turned around the other way?

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