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alejandra orozco says:

Aawww his little face its just cuteness great video

Dinokrew655 says:

Can u do a video on your breastfeeding and how ur keeping ur milk supply 🙂

Allizon palma says:

does anyone know the material of the ring sling?

KateHeidi&Lydia says:

You look so good and well Britney. <3

lina lin says:

We had the MANDUCA but with this baby I’m gonna use the ERGO.

Tarryn Ryan says:

hello from Australia……love your videos

Sophia J says:

I absolutely love my tula with my 11 month old! It’s so so comfy!
I used a connecta with him when he was younger as it was slightly smaller and you can use the accessory strap around the base of the carrier to make it smaller for younger babies 🙂
If you’re not already, you should join a few of the babywearing groups on Facebook, they have been so helpful for me!

Tuyet Vu says:

You talk too much before go to the point

Brette Williamson says:

you are so dang pretty.

amber1367 says:

Did you get a sliver play button from YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers? Like daily bumps

hendrika wolters says:

baby is to small for this tula

decemberyt says:

Nolan wasn’t even 3 months here, he definitely needed an infant insert lol.

Krista L says:

Super helpful! I never heard about the tula before.. but absolutely loving the chevron! It would match my diaper bag ^_^

Tabitha Kelley says:

I have the boba, pretty much the same thing as the moby. I love it! But dang it definitely is a long piece of fabric!

Carmen C says:

He so adorable!

Shaney Vijendranath says:

I love the close parent carrier.

Marley Fitchett says:

Hi Britney I just wanted to mention that the back strap is way too high on your Tula. It is meant to be middle of the back between your shoulder blades. If you can’t do it up yourself when it is in the middle of your back – put bubba in with the shoulder straps very loose, do up the back strap & then tighten the shoulder straps.

He also should probably be using a infant insert with the Tula. If you don’t want to purchase one, you can roll up a Muslin blanket and put it under his bum so he is up a bit higher. This will push his legs up & then I would position his feet on the edge of the yellow parts. I hope that makes sense.

Tula’s are wider then Ergo’s but last longer because they are much bigger.

Katia Vazquez says:

I want to order one of these ring Slings, but I need to know what fabric type this is. Do you know? I’ve never seen a ring sling with material this soft.

Katie WARSZAWSKI says:

I loved my Solly Baby wrap for the first year when I wanted something like a wrap and my Tula now that he’s one. He still loves to be worn every day!

Adriane Rawlins says:

OMG you are in Charlotte, I live in Charlotte too! I happened to stumble upon your YouTube channel while looking for reviews on the Tula!

JKBaby says:

I was about to order a sling from them, but they have different fabrics to choose from! what does the tag say on yours and do you like it?!
the options were 
french twill (100% cotton)
stretch cotton twill
and 100 linen

ORTAP0710 says:

I can’t help but think that most of the Teen Mom vloggers act luke they’re playing house… It seems as if in a way they use their children as accessories… Sad

jmelissab says:

I don’t know if this is a dumb question but I’m just curious can you forward face with the Tula?

Alyson Fowler says:

Brit, make sure when you’re doing the waist strap in the Tula that you pull the clip through the elastic loop that is on the other side where it connects into the other half of the clip, then pull the excess strap material out over it if that makes sense. It’s a security/safety measure so that in the slim chance that something happens to the clip, the elastic loop will catch and thus baby won’t fall out. Not sure if I’m explaining it right, but I’m sure if you google you’ll find better instructions!! I love my ring slings and Tula! I nanny for twins and instead of pushing a double stroller I use a single and babywear! Plus makes short trips way easier!

MommyMegan says:

Thanks so much for this review!! I cannot figure out if I want to get the Tula or the less popular BabyHawk! They look very similar. Probably go with whatever is cheaper..haha! I think i’ll definitely go with a ring sling though

Brittany Rose says:

I’d love to get a tula, but it’s so expensive. 

Mark Gamboa says:

thank you so much for sharing and this great review.. just important question how many months is you baby and hes weight when you did this review? i finally receive my tula today i ordered it online, i didn’t bother ordering the infant insert i find it baby is 2 months old today and tried hes legs is not in right position and hes fussy aswell.

Yesenia Lopez says:

Hey Britney will u sale ur Tula 🙂

Asra Syeda says:

Wow! Nice I think I might use this in the future. You rock! Keep up with the good work! 🙂 Nolan and Aria are so cute. And you are such a good mommy and your a really good mom! good job! “)

Rebecca Dodd says:

We had an infantino sync wrap which is like a moby but alot easier to wrap and a mei tai from infantino as well. I really want a hip seat for the next baby just because it seems alot easier than anything else to use.

missj Stephens says:

Way too expensive for no reason

Torin Salazar says:

Your baby needs an infant insert for the tula. The baby should be able to be knee to knee and freely be able to move legs. I suggest an infant insert or a rolled up receiving blanket under his bum.

Adriana Nicole Shelton says:

I am actually a first time mommy. I’m almost 19 weeks pregnant but I have used a few different carriers. I’ve used a tula (I’m a nanny). It’s nice but think and does hurt my shoulders a little after a while. I recently got a sling for free from Seven slings and decided to test it out on one of the kids I watch. I love it, it’s a lot like the ring sling though so all of the pressure is put on one shoulder which does hurt after a while. But for a new born I like my sling. I want to try a wrap as well.

Sapphire Lane says:

I use the Ergo carrier and I love it!! It’s so good to be hands free and my baby loves it too, he usually falls asleep.

hailey sullivan says:

I’m so glad you did this video explaining on how your baby’s hips need to be at a certain position I’ve seen lots of people using carriers that are front facing and ect.. I seen on the news reports on how those ones are not good for your baby at all bad for the growth of their hips..

carocaruso04 says:

I smile everytime I see you put up a video Brit! You are so sweet and humble. It really makes me happy to watch your videos. I’ve been watching you since a little bit after Aria turned 1, so that’s a long way! You’ve achieved so many goals, and I’m really excited and happy for you. You have a lovely family, love you!

Brooklyn Spence says:

What a informative vide. I love your channel and the wide variety of videos you put out for us all to enjoy!

Melissa Ebanks says:

This was so helpful! I’m a first time mommy and love watching your videos for tips and tricks…. Thanks for taking the time to make them..

A B says:

Omg! I loved loved and enjoyed this video a lot! Thank you sooo much for sharing 🙂 I am due with my second in January and was thinking of purchasing a sling! Any way you can tell me the colour and the fabric of yours? I know you mentioned it was a gift so you might not to know.. kisses from down under 🙂

Denise Tiamson says:

Hi britney! 🙂
May i know if you’re using the tula baby or the tula toddler in this video?

Jerikka11 says:

Please please do a review on your double stroller!! I am wanting to get the same one soon but I would like a honest review! Thanks

Ariannauk1 says:

I don’t have a little baby right now I just watched because I love you and Nolan lol x

Naomi Butterflies says:

This was extremely helpful!!! Thank you!

aussiemumma2010 says:

I have one of the new ergo 360’s for my 10 month old and love it. We used a wrap for her first 4 months and that was great too. I’ve always liked the ring slings tho! Can you back carry with the Tula? You look great too hun and Nolan is so cute xx

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