Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier – Crash Test Mom Reviews

This week, Natali crash tests the original Baby Bjorn baby carrier. It’s a very safe and portable system but not as comfortable or versatile as the Ergo. So is it worth it? Let’s find out!

Did you know that Bjorn is a Nordic word for bear? The Baby Bjorn is made for you to wear your little snugglebear, but there are some good and some not-so-good things about this carrying system so listen up, Mama and Papa Bears.

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It’s a sturdy system and the straps are made from thick material, so it always feels safe
Babies can face forward after 4-6 months, which you can’t do with other popular carrying systems
Travels well – machine washable and portable

Limited – There’s no carry option for the back or side, like the Ergo, and they grow out of the Bjorn a little too fast for me. My daughter is 14 months and can still use the Ergo but not the Bjorn. I can even still Ergo my 3 year-old son who is 33 pounds if I strap him on my back. No way the Bjorn can do that. You’re pretty much done with it by 25 pounds, which comes faster than you think.
Hard to adjust – If you’re going to trade off between parents, it’s a little irritating to adjust the straps to fit, especially if you’re an entire foot shorter than your husband, like I am.
Comfort level – Doesn’t distribute weight well for mom or provide as much comfort for baby as the Ergo carrier

No Sweat
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Stephanie Turnbull says:

Just bought one of these but might return it. I dont feel comfortable with the flimsy clips at the bottom of thr carrier which should be more secure since thats where all the baby weight goes. Thank goodness I can return it. I dont like how the baby’s legs are spread so far on the ergo. Might try a ktan wrap. Decisions decisions :

Natali Morris says:

Enter the Ergo contest then! And Arania666, I am pretty small too and found the Bjorn really uncomfortable.

Евгения Канивец says:

Бред. Носила дочь до двух лет. Самая удобная штука.

Simon Shave says:

google megganmamma – there’s an article there about crutch danglers. Better get a carrier that supports their hips and spine such as Ergos, Manducas, Tulas etc.

FireStorm says:

1:59…they start so young.

Ghostrider B. says:

babybjorn is the worst ever puts in danger the hip and back. sorry to waste the money and allows dangling the legs actually it i snot advised by any baby and mom exercise i need buy new one

Shilo Guthmiller says:

Anyone with a video camera can make a video. Just saying.

Heidi Schilbach says:

This is one of the worst babywearing Systems I have ever seen!

Jim Cyr says:

Now got me looking at the ergo

Laura Danielle says:

i have two kids, both with bjorn; my wife, did the ergo, waste of time. basically if you want the baby to ride on your back, learn how to do the african way; most american women have no idea… the bjorn is the best because your child is engaged in the world, and they learn/see/do things faster; making them more intelligent.

Heidi Hudgens says:

I have an ergo and baby bjorn. You are right that they grow out of the bjorn really quickly! This made me sad because I found it so much easier to use than the ergo. I can put it on one handed and adjust from my hubby’s last use with no sweat. In the ergo I end up asking strangers in Target for help! HaHa! I have also had trouble getting a smaller baby (5-6 months) comfortable in the ergo and couldn’t get either babies to sleep in it. I think the smaller bodice of the bjorn made them feel more snugly??? Anyway, I just thought I would weigh in because my experience was different than yours.

Marthe Endresen says:

It is NOT a good carrying system. God knows how it has gotten so popular, bad for baby and bad for mama. It is not ergonomic, no wonder baby doesn’t relax as well in it. It is not as close to you, its legs are wrongly positioned and the back as well.

crazyg1231 says:

You shouldn’t recommend this product to a mother. It is the worse product in the world as for baby wearing. It messes up the baby’s spine.

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