Baby Jogger City Tour vs Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller | Best Most Popular | Comparisons

Looking for a zippy lightweight stroller to simplify your travels? The 2016 Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller and the well-loved 2016 Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller are both light and compact, but as you’ll see in this video, they have some very different features that will determine which stroller is right for you.

The 2016 Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller is mostly remarkable for its incredibly compact fold: in two quick steps, you can turn it into a package small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on a plane! It also comes with a very handy backpack-style carry bag, and has a generously-sized canopy and a very nice under-seat basket.

The 2016 Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller is the latest update on a Magic Beans classic: the GT is a little heavier, at 20 pounds, but that’s not surprising, since it’s specialized for robust, multi-terrain, everyday use. It has tough all-terrain wheels, a nearly-full recline, a huge multi-position canopy, and much more. The feature that contributes the most to its bestselling status, however, is the one-step, one-hand fold: just pull up a strap in the seat and the City Mini GT claps neatly in half. Perfect!

You’ll see all of these features and more in the video, but if you need more help determining which Baby Jogger stroller is for you, ask us! You can email us at, sign up for a FREE consultation, or visit our stroller matchmakers at any Magic Beans store. Our goal is to make parents’ lives easier by matching you with the gear that fits perfectly into your parenting lifestyle!

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Jenna Valencia says:

Magic beans videos are the reason I own a city mini and a city tour! Love the depth of the reviews. And I love baby jogger.

backrack01 says:

is the only difference between the city mini and the city mini gt are the wheels? there are not very many reviews of just the city mini and whenever i Google it all that pops up are links referencing the gt model. what’s wrong with the normal one? i just bought one… it said it was the 2016/2017 city mini. i just wanted something light for travel.. especially airports and protection from the sun (i have a little red head) i just hope i didn’t buy a lemon :/

Magdalena Šošić says:

Do you ship to europe

Kurt Rinze says:

About the Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller, what is drop distance from the knee to the foot rest?

joe says:

hi do you know is there any fake city mini gt sell in the us n i bought 1 off ebay but i notice material and mass cover at the back and the canopy cover are slightly different then all on you tube vidio
can anyone let me know??

Queen Mummy says:

Prefer city mini city tour is too travel looking

Geena Castellanos says:

God thank you! It took me forever to get to a video that got straight to the point and showed directly how it works. I just bought the city tour!

MaR Gro says:

how comfortable is the seat baby usually take naps in the stroller . thank u

bfoot2211 says:

Is the city mini GT gate checkable in the airport?

Carrie Tipps says:

Heads up the city mini gt holds up to 65lbs not 50lbs.

Ryan says:

Depending on the review or photograph the City mini GT either has a kink in the frame where it meets the rear axle or it is straight. Which model is the most recent? Thanks.

kristal melendez says:

Omg mike is adorable!!!!!!!!!! Please have him make more videos! 😀 ;* ooooooooh myyyyyyyy

Aoife Conway says:

We’re just about to sell our 5 year old bugaboo bee (which has been amazing and we still love it) now that our youngest is 2.5years. We’re thinking of the city tour to get us to the end of her stroller needs but as we live in an area with cold winters, would we be able to use our existing bugaboo footmuff with the city mini tour or would we need to buy a different brand? If so, which one would work?

Ligia Moraes says:

I have the city tour. The only thing I dislike about it is when the seat is in upright position the backrest can’t reach a 90 degree verticaly. Also the depth of the seat is too short, so the kid is always slighly leaned back. If you have a toddler that likes to see the world he will lean forward and will end up with no support on his back. The position is also bad to feed them.

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